Initially my idea was to start this blog and at least try to make an entry every day or two. Well, the best laid plans don’t always include the craziness of daily life getting in the way. Spring has definitely sprung in the Thompson Household, and there are a myriad of things happening that are always grabbing my attention. I am a pretty grounded person but I have to admit that to a perfect stranger, right now I may look as if I am battling a horrible case of ADHD.

Two of the four apartments my mother-in-law owns are empty. At 90 years of age, she isn’t capable of doing the work so my husband, brother-in-law and I have taken on the responsibility. At the same time, my sister has a son graduating this year and the party plans have commenced. I have promised her all the help she needs to pull off the best graduation party. I owe it to her, big time!!! My sister has a wonderful gift. She can make any gathering the event of the year with her decorating and planning abilities. Everyone of our daughters have benefited from her expertise and had fabulous parties. Kelly is absolutely amazing at what she does. I mean, she even painted her dining room orange for our youngest Caitie’s highschool graduation party. But, that is a story for another day. (And yes, she really did!!!)

So I have been wrapped up in paint, flooring, shopping, working on the computer, as well as watching my new grandson 3 days a week. It has been absolute chaos. Then unfortunately, this last weekend, my lovely mother-in-law had a mild stroke. Thank the Lord she is nearly completely recovered. She will be in re-hab for the next two weeks. We are trying to finish the apartments and figure out how to manage things when Mom comes home. Plus, there are so many other things that need our attention. Did I mention we are now growing a forest of grass? We no longer have a lawn. My husband curses every morning when he walks outside to his vehicle.

We cancelled our daughter’s birthday party which should have been held last weekend. With Grandma Rita (mother-in-law) in the hospital, we decided to change the family party to this coming weekend which is also Mother’s Day. We will also be celebrating our son-in-law’s birthday at the same time. His parents will be coming to town to celebrate with us. The re-hab center will let Mom come home for the day to be with us during the celebrations. So, I have a boat-load of people coming to dinner on Sunday. Looking forward to it but wondering when in the world I will get a chance to wash my kitchen floor before company comes. Tonight, I would rather make another post to my blog than wash the floor.


When I started thinking about writing this blog I wasn’t really sure what I would share or write about. I decided to chronicle my new role in life as a “Mom” with no children to tend. You see, most of my adult life has been wrapped up in caring for our three girls, Amanda, Leslie and Caitie. Two of the three have moved away from home. The youngest, Caitie, will be coming back home in less than a month after graduating from college. She doesn’t plan to be home long. As soon as the coveted “first real job” comes, she will fly away from this proverbial nest. I started taking small steps several years ago to get myself ready for these major changes coming in my life. Little did I know then, what lay ahead. When you are wrapped up in your kids, it is always about the next hurdle; the next mountain they have to climb, the next river they have to cross. At one point in our lives, I had 3 children in 3 different schools. I was a “Mom Taxi” for years. As they graduate high school, go on to college, move away from home, you still have a hand in their lives. Eventually the “shift” happens, and they are truly out on their own. I knew that time was coming. I was getting ready for it. Then life threw me a curve ball and I lost my own mom. Life can be so difficult and gut-wrenching at times. You do the best you can. Nearly three years later, I am finally ready to do more with my own life. When I go , I want to go with no regrets. I have alot to do and so, my journey begins.